Martin Summerhayes (martinsummerhay) wrote,
Martin Summerhayes

"Stressage" Dressage

A Sunday of having to sleep in Annies bed as the girls were up early for the "Stressage" Dressage. They were gone by 6:40am and I was left to follow later. A Sunday morning of tea, toast and a small read.

10am and at the event. It was great to be out in the freezing cold fog [-1c]. Anna did very well and came 6th in both her competitions.

Then back home to finish watching Kind Hearts and Coronets - Classic Ealing 1949 comedy. When his dear mother - the spurned and disinherited heir to the dukedom of Chalfont - dies, poor Louis Mazzini forms a dastardly plot. He will kill all her family, the D'Ascoynes, and rise to fulfil his destiny as the Duke of Chalfont.

Thought for today, was how to cope with the stress of the event. This involved patience and forgiveness.
Tags: children, mindfulness, sunday
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