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Why is Change so difficult to start?

If you keep on doing what you’ve always done,
you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.
W.L. Bateman

In business, people are always talking about change, but in most cases it is mostly talk, with little movement. It is not until the well quoted "burning platform" occurs that people suddenly "wake up" to the need to do something. Then it is anything goes, panic, and a sense of uncoordinated activity that can make matters even worse.

Burning Platform Definition: It is a term used to describe an extremely urgent or compelling business situation in order to convey, in the strongest terms, the need for change. Using this process, you can get people’s attention and build awareness of the need for change very quickly.

Where did it come from? Follow this link to read the article from Daryl Conner who coined the phrase and used in a booked - "Managing at the Speed of Change"

I am in the middle of leading a major change exercise at work and hosted a planning workshop yesterday on what key changes needed to be made for the next financial year. Out of a team of 5 people, only one actually understood the issues and the risks immediately. Two were talking about continuing to do the same activities, and the others.... Well, enough said.

In your personal life, the same scenario happens, mostly through self talk and doubt. You know that you have to change - whether it is: diet, giving up smoking, drinking or other addictive substances. However, the "can't change doubt monkey" sitting on your shoulder starts to chitter in you mind about the difficulty of change. If you are positive and forward looking, you will ignore it and do the change. If not, you will allow the chitter to succeed.

In fact, you have to think about the "Management of Change" - something I was taught a long time ago and has evolved and matured into a series of thought processes and actions. What these are and how to use them will be for the next post.

P.S. I tried to find out who W.L. Bateman was and where the quote came from, to no avail. If you know who he was or where the quote comes from, do let me know.

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