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Farewell to Megan Biddle - a truly moving day and an inspiration for all of us

Keep Calm and Wear a Hat

Today was the funeral of Megan "Bonkers" Biddle. She was just 18 years young and was just starting out on life's journey.

She touched so many people, demonstrated by the fact that for the first time I can recall, St Marys Church in Thame was packed. And I mean packed with people. There were even people in the isles for the funeral service. All ages were there; from the families that she baby sat for; the sixth form students she went to school with; the explorer scouts; skate park pals; people that had grown up with her; even people she had helped.

The service was inspirationally led by Rev. Paddy Harris who was able to so positively and honestly reflect her life; her attitude to life and for many people; the anger and sorrow at her loss.

One of the most heartfelt moments, was when uncle Richard read out a "life list" that Megan had put together and her mum, Alison had found in her bedroom. Even more amazing was the fact that at the wake, the family had printed cards with the list on and gave them out to everyone. In honour of "Meggie Mooch" as I have called her since I've known her, I have written it out below. I hope at least one of these touches you:

Prove them wrong

We see what we want

Live life to express not impress

Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful

Tomorrow is a new day

Finish each day and be done with it

Breathe before you speak

Happiness is contagious

Take the money and run

Do it now

Choose being kind over being right

Life is too short to be little

Never lose your soul

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