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Mindfulness - In a different place, when you are on holiday

“After all, the best part of a holiday is perhaps not so much to be resting yourself, as to see all the other fellows busy working.” ― Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows

Spring comes, the Easter break starts and if you are able to take time off, to be with friends, family & loved ones, you take a holiday. I don't know about you, but our family holidays have recently meant, the girls having a lie in; whilst Dad gets up first thing; takes the dogs out for a morning constitutional; makes tea; and prepares the breakfast for everyone. I really enjoy doing this as it feels like what families should be doing. Rather, than the mad rush to get up, get ready, get out and rush to work.

The question then gets posed, where has the morning gone? Answer; its holiday and you have relaxed, chilled out and taken time to get going in the morning.

As for me, having taken up mindfulness over a eighteen months ago, this is the second spring holiday where I have been able to practice mindfulness in a different place - mentally, as well as physically, as well as from a timeliness perspective.

My normal routine is to get up at 5:30am, practice mindful movement and a 15-20 minuted guided mindfulness exercise. You can just imagine the reaction if I did this on holiday! So I have adjusted my routine. Instead, I get up at 7:00am; take the dogs out for a quick toilet break; make tea and return to bed. There I practice a 15 minute silent body scan. After reading for a while and catching up on the day to come from a news and social media perspective, it is time to get up and that is when I do the 15 minutes of mindful movement.

It feels relaxing to do this and I feel the benefits. Would I change my routine at home when we return? Probably not, I might though adapt the weekends to do two days of this type of mindfulness.

How have your practices changed over time? With holidays? With changes in work practice?

Change, after all, is as they say, good for the soul.

As the Spring sunshine streams through the lounge windows, Happy Thursdays.

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