Martin Summerhayes (martinsummerhay) wrote,
Martin Summerhayes

Happiness Vampires - kill, cure, or ignore?

A fantastic article from Dan Rockwell [] made me reflect that I have been using a phrase for a long time and wanted to share it with you.

I believe that we can have our very own "Happiness Vampires", both professionally as well as personally.

Dan talks about "Nice" and "Nasty" Vampires almost if most of what people do is intentional, thought through and pre-meditated. However, I tend to dis-agree, in that the type of person who is a "Happiness Vampire" may not even realise that they are sucking the life blood of you. They appear to walk around with a dark cloud hanging over their heads with a vortex in the centre drawing you in no matter what. Have you noticed these type of people, that can:

In your professional environment, where in meetings, discussions and interactions, they tend to make every effort dampen enthusiasm, always talking about failing and in make everyone around them feel as if the task is impossible.

In you personal Life, belittle those precious life moments [with "I've done that before", why did you do that", whats the point of"....., and have the power to reject any support, empathy, and love that you might feel for them.

If you do have "Happiness Vampires" around you what do you do? now I am not suggesting you do a "Van Helsing" on them [Sharpened wooden stakes & mallet, cross, cloves of garlic, etc] though the idea of ripping their heads off may sometimes appeal!

Rather, I pause and try to look at the situation or circumstances that they find themselves in, ask how they find the situation and try to use "2nd person" techniques to view their "world". At least then, I can try to be empathetic to their situation.

How do you manage your "Happiness Vampires"? Do let me know.....

For those of you that want further info on vampires, check out:

and how to kill a vampire:

P.S.> Apologies, but this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but my PC crashed.....
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