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Invisibilia - a new must listen to podcast to add to your life

Over many years I have listened to podcasts - whilst out walking the dogs, in the car, on the train, etc. Rarely do I come across a podcast that instantly grips you from the very first episode. There is a new radio show on mind, brain and behaviour has launched on 9th January. It’s called Invisibilia and ii is brilliant!!

It’s produced by ex-Radiolab alumni Lulu Miller and radio journalist Alix Spiegel.

The first episode asks the question, "Are my thoughts related to my inner wishes, do they reveal who I really am?" The answer can have profound consequences for your life.

It tells the story of a man who has images in his head about murdering his wife. While he doesn’t act on the images, they terrify him. Listeners also meet a psychotherapist who tries to cure his patients’ crippling thoughts by having them put a knife to his jugular.

Now I d not have ANY thoughts of killing or hurting my wife :)

You can download or stream from the link below,

You can follow the show on the Twitter @nprinvisibilia.
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