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Customer Service - Questions you can ask your organisation on why do anything differently?

Make a customer, not a sale. ~ Katherine Barchetti

I have collected together some of the questions you might like to ask, think about or share in your organisation - big or small - as to why customer service matters. You might agree or disagree, please feel free to challenge any:

Why does Customer Service Matter?:

Exceptional Customer Service> creates a significant competitive advantage by engaging with customers in a way that others cannot or will not do.

Exceptional Customer Service delights customers by giving them a service that they cherish and remember and that they feel is unique to them

Exceptional Customer Service encourages positive word of mouth amongst the customers themselves, creating an ecosystem of advocates for your products and services

Exceptional Customer Service encourages your employees to feel pride and positive motivation in the service that they provide

Do you want an homogenous, bland, mechanistic, non-human, entrenched customer service model? Then only think of customer service as a cost centre, as a drain on your organisation, as set of processes and tools that need to be followed and this is what you will end up with.

My challenge to you is this.

Think about some of the words I used above - pride; engage; delight; cherish; unique, positive.

When was the last time someone in your team, your group, your division, your organisation, your life - used those words [or even similar words] to describe the service you are offering?

If not, why not?

I don’t want to leave you with the feeling that it is all doom and gloom. It is possible to change; to develop a customer service that is truly awe inspiring; that touches the hearts and souls of your customers; your partners and your colleagues in the organization.

It will take passion, time, hugh efforts and knowledge. I have been there and been in the midst of driving these types of changes. If you would like some help, advice or just to talk about your experiences, do get in touch.

The next article will peel back the covers on “What is Appreciative Inquiry?”

I leave you with the following quote……...

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echos are truly endless. ~ Mother Teresa

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