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Update on Mindfulness breaks & going outside. How do you practice Mindfulness?

Last month, I wrote about the idea of taking time out of your busy day to pause, even if it was on the way to the canteen at lunchtime, to go outside just for a moment. The article was published on the 6th January - entitled: A "SAD" return the the treadmill, with different goals in mindfulness & taking time.

My 2 goals were:

[1]. Most lunchtimes, I have to go from my place of work, past the entrance to the building, downstairs to the canteen to grab and go my lunchtime snack. Strangely enough, all 4 of the buildings I work in have a similar layout. So, I will pause on my way by just going outside and spend a couple of minutes in the sunshine [hopefully not raining or too cloudy]!

I managed to do this about 50% of the time, so not a great success.

[2]. I have added into my works diary, a reminder that at 12:30 every day, to take 2 minutes to do the quick mindfulness exercise of "Breath in for a count of 7, and breath out for a count of 11".

I have managed to do this nearly every day. in fact, I have even done it whilst on the phone with a very irate person; in a meeting; in a review and whilst driving. I have found it to be very positive and helps keep me grounded.

I have continued my 5 days per week, early morning sessions, and the addition of these shorter breaks, extends the present.

So my question to you is, how are you taking Mindfulness into your daily life?
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